Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have a soft spot for Sharon Shinn. All of her books without fail have romance, and I'm a sucker for women warriors stiff with fantasy notions of honor. Ultimate escape reading.

Wen is a great warrior with a tragic past that keeps her constantly wandering, searching for waifs to rescue. She rescues a young lady from kidnapping and ends up the captain of her guard, as difficult as Wen finds it to stay in one place. She doesn't believe she deserves happiness, comfort, friends, etc. Eventually she falls in love with the young lady's uncle (an unsuitable romance between a common soldier and a scholarly lord...), saves the day, finds redemption, and lives happily ever after.

As is often the case with Ms. Shinn, this book was quite silly. Wen's angst was a bit annoying, because she had no reason for it. I knew who the supersecret villain was as soon as she (sorry to give it away) was introduced. Though I flatter myself that I am supersmart, I don't think it was very subtle. This all isn't to say that I didn't enjoy it. Mindless fantasy is quite fun. Still, it wasn't Shinn's best*. 

Grade: B

*I think her best are probably the Samaria series, beginning with Archangel, which has a very interesting alternate world, hot and way more interesting romance, and better angst.

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  1. The Samaria series was amazing. I had forgotten about it.