Friday, December 10, 2010


Look at me go! Literature twice in a row, I don't know what the world's coming to. To be fair to my reputation, I already knew that I enjoy Forster, so it was not so much of an effort as it might have been.

A classic romance, about a girl (Lucy) who learns to expand her worldview on a trip to Italy. An unsuitable young man and his scandalous father teach Lucy to throw off the strictures of convention and be true to her own feelings. It takes her a great deal of lying and a stupid engagement before she gets it. I was quite taken aback by the happy ending (sorry to spoil the surprise). I didn't realize Forster - or anyone in the Bloomsbury group, for that matter - approved of happy endings. I thought they would be too, too bourgeois. I was glad to note, however, the vitally important sudden, meaningless death. If you haven't read Forster before (and you really should) it's kind of his shtick. This is the third novel of his that I've read, and it's happened every time. 

Grade: A

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